Quantitative Research

The same visually based survey technique (using computer generated images) used in qualitative studies is adapted for quantitative studies. This technique overcomes language and cultural barriers that often impede accurate measurement of product awareness and usage.Measures advertising recall in the traditional approach (pre, post-unaided and aided) and adds a third dimension providing unsurpassed precision in the measurement.

Language based segmentation is a technique used to classify Hispanic consumers according to their ability, proficiency and language preference for speaking, reading and writing.

Our Methodologies include :

Door-to-Door Interviews
Telephonic Interviews
Intercept Studies
Surveys (traditional and on-line)
Mail Interviews

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is about in-depth knowledge and direct feedback. This research can provide critical insights which gives you a better understanding of your customers, their perceptions and what motivates them.Our research professionals understand and utilize the latest in research techniques, through their involvement with professional associations and continued education, giving you the best possible results.

Some of the Methodologies include :

Focus Groups
Concept Labs
In-depth Interviews


Services we specialize in:

Presales Study
Brand Share Tracking
Product Launches
Price Sensitivity Modelling
Customer Satisfaction
Identifying a Marketing Network
Trade Performance Audit
Mystery Shopping
Distribution Mapping
Preparing Marketing Plans
Industry Studies
Conducting Industry Studies
Cross Tabulation of Data
B2B Market Research and Analysis
Advance Multivariate Data Analysis
Brand Performance Tracking
Data Mining
Demand Estimation & Forecasting
Internet Survey Programming
Product Development Research
Advertising & Promotion Evaluation
Data Analysis
Data analysis uncovers patterns in data using predictive techniques. These patterns play a critical role in decision making because they reveal areas for process improvement. Using data analysis, organizations can increase the profitability of their interactions with customers, detect fraud, and improve risk management. The patterns uncovered using data analysis help organizations make better and timelier decisions.

From authoring and interviewing to analyzing and sharing results across your organization, Market Resonance puts data at the heart of your operations. No matter what types of applications you use—or what type of data you collect from any source—we bring it all together.

You can:

Collect data in any language, for any format: Field paper surveys that can be scanned to capture responses.

Conduct computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) including text messaging on mobile phones, or online surveys.

Plug into your existing customer relationship management systems, to enrich your customer profile database .